With Hunar Infotech Lift and Shift your legacy Web Application to Cloud Platform

Considering the moving ahead mindset with scaling and widening your business across various geographical location to build a pervasive cash flow we came across the with best strategic designing thinking of lifting and shifting your native web applications to next level cloud technology.

We have well defined this complete migration process into different adequate anecdotes e.g. rehosting, refactoring, revising, rebuilding and finally replacing. We consider the larger picture; which cloud platform and migration technique will best optimize the application to drive your business and IT goals.

Elevating Your Monolith Service Architecture to Cloud Based Microservices

Considering the modern application trends, we offer you the solution to build the highly scalable and resilient microservices to be hosted into private or public cloud so that your application could available across the globe without any risk of production downtime. We use extremely modern techniques to make your application/service available using Docker, Azure Kubernetes Services and Service Fabrics.

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